Currently the company DOPRAVA ZÁRUBA M & K s.r.o. is part of the corporate structure of ZÁRUBA M&K and forms the core of the transport branch. The other affiliated companies operate in the food industry by producing mayonnaise, tartar sauce, semi-finished egg products and catering services. The group’s total turnover is about CZK 800 million and employs 350 people.

The company DOPRAVA ZÁRUBA M & K s.r.o. is developing dynamically and is currently one of the leading transport companies in the South Bohemian Region. It employs more than 180 people and its turnover exceeds CZK 400 million.

Basic information about the company:

Commercial name:          DOPRAVA ZÁRUBA M & K s.r.o.

Identification no:         629 09 649
Registered capital       CZK 34 326 000
Assets:                       CZK 84 117 000

Company executives:   Miroslav Záruba
                                    Ing. František Staněk
                                    Miroslav Záruba ml.

Members:                    Miroslav Záruba st.