Commercial Vehicle Servicing

The company DOPRAVA ZÁRUBA M&K s.r.o. ensures a complete servicing of freight vehicles, buses, trailers and other means of transport. Freight vehicles are repaired in two fully equipped workshops.

In view of the fact that the servicing involves most repairs for the company’s other centres, it specialises in the repair of VOLVO and IVECO freight vehicles and Karosa buses. However we also have rich experience with cars of different brands.

Another offer is preparing freight vehicles and trailers at the VTS, ensuring their MOT and measuring the emission of diesel engines.

Main opening hours of vehicle servicing:

Monday – Friday          7:00 – 15:30
Saturday                     7:00 – 12:00

In emergencies the opening hours are extended as required by the customer.


tel.: +420 383 382 176, +420 383 382 519
mobile: +420 737 277 422 or +420 737 277 444
E- mail: servis@zaruba.cz
fax:  +420 383 382 176