The VTS freight line in Vodňany was opened in July 1992. It has existed under the present name of STK ZÁRUBA M & K s. r. o. since 30 July 1996 when by a decision of the District Authority in Strakonice it was decided to grant it authorisation to perform MOTs for a certain category of vehicles. In 2006 the VTS activity was certified by the ISO 9001:2001 quality system of the company TUV.

STK ZÁRUBA M & K s.r.o. offers regular technical inspections of freight vehicles, buses, semi-trailers and articulated lorries, tractors and tractor semi-trailers. We also carry out technical inspections of vehicles before they are approved for operation after conversions or individual imports and record checks.


Stožická 840
389 01  Vodňany
Tel.: +420 383 382 522
Fax: +420 383 382 522
Mobile: +420 737 277 442
E-mail: stk@zaruba.cz